Montre suisse
Montre christian moriggi creations

Swiss Made

Made by Swiss watchmakers, these original design watches meet the highest quality standards of the Swiss Made. The realization is entrusted exclusively to quality Swiss companies, from design to execution.

Details :

 – Stainless steel box, 44mm diameter

– Water-resistant, 100 metres waterproof

– Treated mineral glass

– Ronda 517 movement

– Black leather strap

– Stainless steel buckle

– Matte metal dial that highlights the colour of the needle

– Bracelet color, customizable bracelet seams and needle (white, blue, red, green or black)

Relativize the concept of time

Each hour is divided into 15 minutes. To read the time, just look at the line on which the hand is located. This is therefore an estimate of the time, more stress!

In a world where everything must go fast, where time is short and our lives are in order, this watch, which does not give the exact time, will destabilize your daily life.

Montre christian moriggi creations - aiguille verte

Personnalize your watch

christian moriggi creations

Choose the color of the needle, bracelet and/or its seams!

Red, blue, green, black or white, you decide!