Model 2.0 is in production!

Constantly evolving, we are always looking for improvement! The model 2.0 of the Christian Moriggi Creations watch is in production: the same unique concept but with some aesthetic changes.

There are still a few watches of the first version in stock! On this occasion, we offer an exceptional offer by reducing the price!


Montre aiguille bleue

At the museum before it’s even on the market, discover the watch that revolutionizes time-reading codes!

The International Watchmaking Museum of La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) has decided to exhibit one of our models in its gallery. Recognition of our concept and a guarantee of quality.

Montres christian moriggi creations

Swiss Made

This original and unique design watch meets the highest standards of Swiss Made, from design to execution. The realization is entrusted to renowned Swiss companies.

Montres personnalisables

The innovation

Today, the watch no longer has the sole function of giving time, it has evolved into a fashion accessory. With this unique piece in the world, the needle remains fixed and the dial rotates!

Montre christian moriggi creations - aiguille bleue


The Christian moriggi creations watch has already been talked about. Journalists have written several articles combining interviews with the designer and a detailed description of the watch.

Montres christian moriggi creations

Discover our latest interviews !

Journalists specialized in the watchmaking industry have examined this unusual innovation. For the time being, the Christian moriggi creations watch is on sale in a few jewellery stores in Lausanne (Switzerland) and has already made a name for itself through an ephemeral exhibition in Italy and another fixed at the International Watch Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland).

From his journey at the origin of the concept to the characteristics of the watch, you will learn more about the brand’s designer, Christian Moriggi.

Montre christian moriggi creations - aiguille bleue

Relativize the notion of time!


The watch no longer has the sole function of giving the time, it has evolved into a fashion accessory. Christian moriggi creations watches take advantage of this opportunity to create an innovative and different concept, which does not seek to give the exact time.

The needle remains fixed, the dial rotates and this is a rough estimate that you can read. In a world where time is at the centre of our lives: inscribed on our phones, our computers, clocks, offices or calendars, a world where time rules our lives, this watch that does not give the time to the minute, will destabilize your daily life.

Montre christian moriggi creations

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